About Michael R. Klipper

As counsel to the Senate Judiciary Committee, in-house counsel to two leading trade associations and in private practice representing trade associations, legislative coalitions, Fortune 500 companies and individual clients, Mr. Klipper has been involved in myriad legal and legislative issues primarily in the areas of copyright and constitutional law. He has extensive experience in:

  • Devising and implementing strategies designed to support or oppose legislative proposals, particularly with respect to copyright legislation;
  • Building and leading legislative coalitions;
  • Every aspect of the Washington policy process: Congress-wide lobbying, shepherding bills through Congress, drafting legislation and accompanying materials (e.g., testimony, talking points and proposed legislative history), negotiating legislative language with opposing parties, and submitting written comments to government agencies;
  • Constructing arguments supporting or opposing the constitutionality of legislative proposals.
  • Authoring appellate amicus briefs on numerous constitutional and copyright issues—with special emphasis on representing amicus groups opposing constitutional challenges to key provisions of copyright law.

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